In March of 2019, we launched our latest Give Back Initiative. Every day we turn on our tap, take a shower, flush a toilet, or water a lawn and don't think much of the resulting water. I came across WWFA a while back and was impressed with their organization.

It takes an average of $8,000 for the WWFA to build a well.

Per the WWFA - The African continent faces the greatest challenge of any region of the world with roughly 1 of 3 (330 million) people not using a clean water source. In rural settings it is traditionally women and young girls who bear the responsibility of obtaining their family’s water supply.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 68% of the rural population spends more than 1 hour per trip of water collection. That means valuable time, sometimes upwards of 3 hours a day, is lost collecting insufficient, contaminated water. And on any given day, more than 50% of hospital beds in Sub-Saharan Africa are filled with water/hygiene related illnesses.

When implemented—the comprehensive approach of providing water, sanitation and hygiene together—has profound impact on the communities involved. In-terms of direct economic reward, every dollar invested in water and sanitation yields a $9 return. This is a chance for us to turn $8,000 of donations into $72,000 worth of economic impact.

I am a big believer in helping people by providing them with the tools and resources to improve their own lives and those of the people who share in their communities. You can learn more about WWFAs current projects here and their completed projects here.

I'm committing to donating $250 for each of the next 20 homes I sell as a realtor to our newest Give Back Initiative. Who wants to help?

Let's build a well.

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